Shooting for the Stars Over 60 years ago, a milestone was achieved in science and for humankind – NASA’s 1969 Apollo 11 mission. Most know of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, but they would never have made it into the history books without the contribution of more than 400,000 people. The three astronauts […]

Reputation & Recalls Reputation is vital. It owns much of our lives: whom we associate with, where we live, and even what we buy. Almost 90% of consumers purchase with the company’s reputation in mind. The bottom line, public perception impacts corporate functionality. Risk management expert Peter Sandman claims it's a two-part problem. “How loved [...]

Recalls are skyrocketing in 2022, with more than 1 billion units in the first seven months – on track to break records. Automotive recall units for this past quarter were 9.2 million. Medical device recalls increased by 34%, a 2-year high. 70-80% of defects are avoidable if fixed during the requirements stage, and 40-50% of […]