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Improving Technical Requirements Specifications: Q&A with Jordan Kyriakidis

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Podcast Length: 35 mins

Join host Geoffrey Cann with guest Jordan Kyriakidis, Ph.D., as they discuss the importance of improving technical requirements specifications.

Discover how writing effective technical requirements specifications can save time, money, and frustration.


In this podcast, our co-founder and CEO Jordan Kyriakidis joins Geoffrey Cann on Digital Oil and Gas: Accelerating Digital Energy, the only broadcast dedicated to digital innovation in the oil & gas industry.


They explore how at QRA Corp, we ensure specifications for engineering requirements are consistent, well-written, and error-free. Discussing our role in improving standards in the energy sector to create and maintain accurate technical requirements. Plus, highlight the challenges organizations face in capturing intent in a clear, current, and compliant manner.


Talking through real-life examples where technical requirements specifications led to multi-million dollar mistakes and delays, and how remote work and succession planning play a role.


Who’s this webinar for?


Engineers responsible for writing technical requirements specifications within an organization. 

Teams where technical requirements specifications are a key output.




Jordan Kyriakidis, Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO of QRA Corp.  


Jordan has nearly 20 years of experience leading diverse teams of driven and high-performance individuals, first as a scientist with numerous international publications and now as co-founder and CEO of QRA Corp. QRA’s disruptive technologies are changing how companies and governments identify and mitigate risk in complex projects from the RFP stage onwards, especially projects involving introducing new technologies in regulated industries. 


He has lived and worked in Europe, the US, and Canada. he holds a Ph.D., summa cum laude, in Quantum Theory from the University of Basel, Switzerland. 

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