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Rethink Requirements

Over 60% of companies suffer from poor specification practices – resulting in a 60% cost premium on projects with poor requirements. Expose your team to the latest requirements engineering methodologies to significantly improve not only the requirements engineering process, but all resulting management, engineering, and procurement processes dependent on the initial requirements.

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Save Time

Streamline your analysis workflow and create detailed reports in seconds (not hours)

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Work Smarter

Automate the tedious, error-prone tasks in the review and analysis of requirements

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Build Confidently

Avoid costly rework later by identifying critical errors in the requirements stage

Inspire Discussion with Customized Training Sessions Delivered by the Very Best

Get started with the celebrated EARS+ methedology

Learn how to incorporate the Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax with its lead author, Alistair Mavin. Alistair has carred out systems engineering and requirements engineering projects in a range of industries including aerospace, defence, rail, and automotive. He has extensive experience in the development and delivery of requirements engineering training and in innovation and creativity support.

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Guide & Checklist for Writing Exceptionally Clear Requirements Documents

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Training Built for Today's Doers

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Interactive Examples with team specific discussions

Our training sessions are hands-on with activities oriented to not only learn the latest best practices, but also to evaluate the current requirements engineering processes used within the organization and ensure all team members have the resources and knowledge needed to write consistently stellar specifications.

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Educate and inspire by embracing the future of requirements engineering

QRA launched an experimental Natural Language Processing requirements analysis tool in 2016 which garned immediate attention and was used by hundreds of teams from over 25 countries within the first year. That tool has since evolved into QVscribe, a fully realized requirements analysis tool integrated directly into Microsoft Office. QRA continues to build on the cutting edge of requirements engineering, and integrates R&D in this space within every training session.

What Type of Teams are Good Fits for a Training Session?

QRA's requirements training sessions are for teams passionate about engineering requirements that provide a solid foundation for successful projects and procurement. They have a passion for sharing their own institutional knowledge with colleagues and discussing best practices within their industry.

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Put QVscribe to the test on your documents to see how much time and rework you could be saving.

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