March 18th

REFSQ 2019: Workshop on NLP for Requirements Engineering Tool Showcase

A showcase of industrial NLP tools for requirements engineering, in which QRA Corp will be demonstrating QVscribe.

QRA Team

Eduardo Vaz

Event Details:

When: March 18th

Where: Essen, Germany

Join the Conversation: ‎@NLP4RE, #reqeng

A Demonstration of How to Leverage NLP for Requirements Engineering

Natural language processing (NLP) has played an important role in several computer science areas, and requirements engineering (RE) is not an exception. In the last years, the advent of massive and very heterogeneous natural language (NL) RE-relevant sources, like tweets and app reviews, has attracted even more interest from the RE community.

The main goal of the NLP4RE workshop at REFSQ 2019 is to set up a regular meeting point for the researchers on NLP technologies in RE in which the advances, challenges and barriers that they encounter may be communicated, and collaborations may emerge naturally.

This year, QRA Corp will showcase industrial NLP tools for RE, including QVscribe for Word & Excel.

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