QVscribe for Procurement

Quickly check that all technical requirements are adequately defined and identified before releasing or accepting an RFP. Using QVscribe for procurement de-risks RFPs – ensuring a fair & efficient procurement process for all bidders.

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Save Time

Streamline your analysis workflow and create detailed reports in seconds (not hours)

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Work Smarter

Automate the tedious, error-prone tasks in the review and analysis of requirements

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Build Confidently

Avoid costly rework later by identifying critical errors in the requirements stage

De-risk RFPs

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Automate and Expedite the Procurement Process

QVscribe provides near-instant analysis and clear, intuitive reporting of all requirement weaknesses – streamlining the requirements engineering stage of the procurement process and flagging noncompliance with procurement best practices.

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Improve Requirements Quality for Confident Procurement

Using QVscribe enables procurement teams to quickly turn long and inconsistent paragraphs of prose into lists of clear, concise requirement statements – improving requirements traceability and increasing confidence in delivering technical requirements to suppliers and bidders.

Case Study

How the Royal Canadian Air Force is Reducing Requirements Development Time by Over 50 Percent with QVscribe

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Analysis Built for Procurement

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Extract Requirements for Further Analysis

As procurement projects evolve, QVscribe uses Natural Language Processing to automatically detect individual requirements within source documents to create CSV files for further analysis. Extracting requirements from Microsoft Word or PDF documents into CSV files allow users to create requirements compliance matrices and other records for further analysis.

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Retain Institutional Knowledge

Procurement teams use QVscribe's similarity analysis to find redundant or incomplete requirements – enabling teams to streamline their mandatory technical requirements without diluting the project scope.

Customized Term Enforcement

QVscribe automatically detects slang and ambiguities within your procurement requirements. For even greater control, users can easily add additional problematic language specific to their industry or project to be flagged.

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Generate Your Report

Whether you're packaging up your requirements for handoff or presentation, ensure you include the corresponding QVscribe Analysis Report. Each report contains the full quality analysis results with insights regarding the procurement risk level at any given stage.

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QVscribe is a lightweight pragmatic solution that can drive requirements quality improvement.

- Yoga Jeppu, Engineer, Honeywell Technology Solutions

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Did you know?

The Project Management Institute’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession found that only 47% of organizations have a formal process to validate requirements. And that 51% of At a Glance Requirement Analysis project dollars are wasted due to poor requirements.

PMI - Pulse of the Profession, Project Management Institute, 2014


QVscribe is seamlessly integrated into the following requirements management tools.

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Microsoft Excel

Quality analysis integrated right into your current Excel workflow.

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Microsoft Word

Quality analysis integrated right into your current Word workflow.

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