Use QVtrace to Build with Confidence

Exhaustively verify the required behaviour of your system designs against its requirements. Find errors during the design phase. Then easily assess the necessary modifications with dynamic links and visuals to trace the source of the error – preventing proliferating costs & post-deployment failures.

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Find Errors Fast

Interrogating a model using QVtrace does not rely on traditional simulation methods, and is therefore extremely fast.

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Cut Through the Noise

Delegate the heavy computational lifting and analysis to QVtrace, and get back to engineering without interruption.

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Build Confidently

QVtrace exhaustively verifies your model throughout the development process – increasing development confidence and robustness.

Exhaustively Verify from the Beginning

QVtrace harnesses the latest computational and formal mathematical methods to analyze the functional and logical structure of model-based designs, enabling engineers to definitively answer “what if ...” and “can it ever...” type questions.

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Logical Analysis

QVtrace harnesses the latest computational and rigorous mathematical approaches to assess the functional and logical structure of model-based designs.

Simulink Support

QVtrace avoids disrupting your workflow by retaining the original Simulink layout of your designs, and natively supports MDL and SLX file formats. Counterexample test vectors are generated as Simulink-readable parameter formats for more in-depth analysis.

Rigorous Design Verification

The level of system's confidence that QVtrace provides to today's engineering teams is unmatched by all other standard test-case or standard coverage approaches to design verification.

Error Visualization

When QVtrace finds an error, it highlights the system constraint that has been violated and displays a corresponding violation trace – isolating affected blocks to help you understand precisely where and how the error is manifesting.


Did you know?

According to the Systems Institute at IBM, the cost to fix a bug is 15 times more during the testing phase than during the design phase, and up to 100 times more during the maintenance phase.

CBR, 2017

Fast, Efficient

Model-Based Design Verification

Verifying that system designs implement the intended system behaviour is an increasingly difficult task. With QVtrace, rapidly query, analyze, and definitively verify the presence of expected behaviour and the absence of unwanted behaviour in complex model-based designs.

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Did you know?

Traditional verification can only target specific test points. Exhaustive testing methods employed by QVtrace exhaustively covers your domain under verification

At a Glance

  • Analysis Type

    Logical, functional, and temporal analysis of Simulink designs using rigorous mathematical methods.

  • Linear & non-linear Simulink blocks and constraints

    • Trigonometric
    • Exponential
    • Logarithmic
    • Logical
    • Matrix Arithmetic
    • Time-Dependence

  • Standard Data Types

    • Integers
    • Reals
    • Booleans
    • Arrays

  • Industry Standard Format Support

    • Simulink blocks
    • Stateflow blocks
    • Matlab like query syntax

Industry Standard Integration

QVtrace seamlessly integrates into your workflow by retaining the original Simulink visualization of your designs and generating counterexamples in Simulink-readable formats.

logos of microsoft word and excel, jama, visure, IBM doors, and Marinvent Synthesis
logos of microsoft word and excel, jama, visure, IBM doors, and Marinvent Synthesis

Newest Capabilities in QVtrace

  • Updated logical analysis of model-based designs
  • Additional support for Simulink models
  • Auto-generation and export of input-vector counter-examples
  • Improved table-based error visualization and reporting
  • Optimized formal methods verification efficiency

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Put QVtrace to the test on your model-based designs to see how much time and rework you could be saving.

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