How the Royal Canadian Air Force is Reducing Requirements Review Time by Over 50% with QVscribe

Executive Summary

The Directorate of Air Programmes at the Royal Canadian Air Force (D Air Prog) realized that ambiguous and vague requirements represent a significant risk to the Department of National Defence’s (DND) procurement process.

They needed to reduce the large number of human resources they were spending on review of their natural language requirements documents for clarity, consistency, and accuracy. And they wanted to lessen the risk that a vendor might contest a contract award over an unclear requirement.

D Air Prog was presented with an opportunity to test QVscribe. A solution that helped them transform their Statement of Requirements (SOR) processes, decrease their specification review time by 50% to 75% and raise the quality of their requirements and specifications to a high degree of confidence.

In this Case Study, we look at how The Royal Canadian Air Force addressed their ambiguous and vague requirements with QVscribe.

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