How Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Reduced the Time and Cost to Revise Requirements by 75% or More

Requirements definition is one of the most critical phases of engineering development. This is especially true for complex, cyber-physical systems like aircraft, automobiles, and military defense systems, where requirements typically number in the thousands.

This earliest phase of development is critical for two reasons. First, according to the famed computer scientist James Martin, more than half of all engineering errors are introduced in the requirements phase. Second, it’s urgent to correct requirements errors in this phase. Numerous studies have shown that specification and design errors become exponentially more expensive to fix the longer they go undetected through subsequent phases of development, production, and operation. In requirements engineering (RE), continuous improvement is a must.

In this Case Study, we look at how Electronics Maritime Systems (Ultra) to reduce looks for ways to identify and eliminate requirements errors – and to do so as early as possible.

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