We're Growing!

We are a young, developing company with driven employees and an easy-going company culture. Being a part of our team will give you a chance to interact with our clients – the best system engineers in the world, building powerful machines inside innovative companies.

We are looking for individuals to help us through our next phase of growth and development.

Our Current Openings

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Full time

About QRA

QRA’s mission is to improve the technical communication of cross-functional teams working on complex projects. We believe the written word is prime. Now, more than ever, poorly written technical communication is the primary source of problems. Complexity makes this problem worse.

We build software tools that analyze technical requirements using Natural Language Processing.

We have customers in Oil and Energy, Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Aerospace, and Automotive. They all design, build, and integrate highly complex products, and are transforming into software companies. They are remaking themselves and the world. We help them with both.

Our core values at QRA, are Tenacity, Agency, and Openness. This is our Way. We expect these from everyone on our team. We strive for cross-functional alignment in multiple ways; for example, we have thrice-weekly all-hands meeting through Zoom, even if they only last 10 mins. Everyone sees each other, and understands we are one team.

We have a competitive benefits plan and an open vacation policy; we do not track time off. We treat each other with respect and with a high degree of trust. We care for the company and we care for each other.

About You

We are looking for curious, engaged people who want to make an impact. Like the rest of us, you want to be part of an ambitious, highly collaborative team. Together, we are building an enduring company with category-defining products in an emerging market. You will become an important part of our team.

We are a small company, so every addition to the team is impactful. This is both the challenge and the opportunity: high expectations, high impact. You will thrive best here if you value outcomes over output.

We are a tech startup, so some days are tough. The team will need you to persist, especially on those tough days. The good news is you will not be alone; we are one team and we support each other.

We value and solicit opinions from everyone on the team. This is not just lip service. We are solving difficult problems, and we know neither the best answers, nor the best questions. We debate solutions often, but never with ego and always with openness. You believe that it is important to have an open mind, tempered by critical thinking and a first-principles approach.

You value diversity of opinions and diversity of thought, and so do we.

QRA Lifestyle


Professional Development

Being a part of our team means great opportunities for professional and personal development. Everyone grows at QRA.

Supportive Team

QRA is a team made up of people who genuinely like each other. Have a question or need help with a task? People across departments are happy to help.

Flexible Work Environment

We are a results-driven company. As long as your work is done, and done well, do what you need to do, whether that means you work in a t-shirt and jeans or need flexible hours.