We empower engineering teams to build the machines of tomorrow, today.

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Our Mission:

We enable innovators to build a safer cyber-physical world.

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The future is cyber-physical

From autonomous vehicles and factories to smart cities and space tourism, the lines between “software” and “hardware” have blurred. With increased innovation comes increased project complexity and new challenges.

QRA embraces complexity by rethinking Requirements & Design Verification.

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Today’s amazing machines require an unbreakably strong project beginning. Without meticulous analysis of system designs and their requirements in the earliest stages of development, many engineering projects experience massive rework costs and delays - we believe the status quo is no longer an option.

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Eliminate over half of all design errors before they occur.

Missed deadlines. Blown budgets. Costly product recalls. Even deaths. These are the stark realities facing today’s most ambitious engineering teams. QRA builds tools to catch weaknesses during the earliest stages of development - empowering organizations with a reliable foundation for confident & on-time project development.

To successfully build the machines of tomorrow, innovators require a new generation of analysis tools.

They need tools designed specifically for the earliest stages of engineering projects—tools that go deeper than simulations, testing, or manual requirements analysis.

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At QRA Corp,
we build those tools.

Our products deliver unparalleled analysis capability while effortlessly integrating into your existing workflows. They’re lightweight and extremely powerful.

We empower engineering teams.

Our mission is to help innovators like you to build complex systems faster and more confidently by identifying critical errors in the earliest stages – before they manifest into late-stage rework, cost-overruns, and recalls.

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You're building the future.

We're here to help.

Portrait of Ned Allen from Lockheed Martin
Portrait of Ned Allen

If the costs associated with verification aren’t reduced, there is a danger that innovation and progress in large-scale systems will slow to a crawl.

- Dr. Ned Allen, Senior Fellow and Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin

Our Products

Needles in a haystack. We find them daily.

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Eliminate Over Half of all Design Errors Before They Occur

QVscribe integrates with the tools you already use to automatically analyze requirements documents, find ambiguities and inconsistencies, and generate actionable reports.

QVscribe empowers teams with a dependable foundation for confident & on-time project development

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Find errors nothing else can

QVtrace allows engineering teams to rapidly query and analyze Simulink models to definitively verify the presence of expected behaviour and the absence of unwanted behaviour in complex model-based designs.

QVtrace is a new type of design verification that is not limited by conventional model-based simulations.

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Our Promise

Our tools help find errors that nothing else can. So that you can get back to engineering.

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