“I believe in a future where the human spirit is freed from low-value drudgery; where human creativity is put to work alongside synthetic autonomous agents; where together, we discover and verify products and systems before any code is written, before any metal is cut.


I believe this future is necessary, achievable, and desirable. And I dedicate QRA to bring this future to bear. We work with Tenacity, Agency, and Openness. This is our tao; this is our way.”


 – Jordan Kyriakidis, CEO at QRA​

Our Vision of the Future

Humans will soon no longer build products, but will instead build the systems that build the products. Our core infrastructure will be built, managed, and run by autonomous agents. Already today we are at a stage where product complexity exceeds human understanding. Already today we see systems and processes that are unable to cope with the rigour needed to safely and correctly build the products society needs. 


These products and systems have an irreducible complexity that requires greater scrutiny and verification much earlier in the design process. QRA is building these systems today. And we start at the beginning — with the written word. Our solutions enable engineers to capture their intent and requirements with the exacting rigour they deserve and need.

What’s Next?

Complex systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world. Formal methods will be a crucial step in verifying the behaviour of a system against its design to reduce risk and prevent potentially catastrophic failures from taking place. Once-rare systems such as autonomous vehicles now operate on streets across the globe, making safety and compliance instrumental to progress. Our next step is formalizing these processes to facilitate innovation and keep technology moving forward.

QRA Team

We are a young and growing company with driven employees, but our company culture is easy going.


Being a part of our team means great opportunities for professional and personal development. Everyone grows at QRA.

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