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QRA builds software that assists with writing better requirements and verifying model-based designs – empowering teams to quickly build & procure the machines of tomorrow.

Start with Requirements
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Start with the foundation.

From the initial written word of a stakeholder request to the detailed design implementation, QRA offers two complementary solutions for business analysis, procurement, project management, and engineering – together representing a unified mission to provide teams with the tools they need to confidently address the challenges associated with the early stages of complex development & planning.

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Rethink Requirements

Automatically analyze requirements. Find ambiguities, inconsistencies, and violations of best practices. Then generate actionable reports to increase clarity and consistency — reducing quality review cycles and rework.

How QVscribe eliminates requirements errors.

  • Quality analysis for best practice compliance
  • Terminology and unit consistency analysis
  • Requirements similarity analysis
  • Customized reports and requirements export
  • Enterprise collaboration and QA reporting

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Build with Confidence

Exhaustively verify the required behaviour of your system designs against its requirements. Find errors during the design phase. Then easily assess the necessary modifications with dynamic links and visuals to trace the source of the error – preventing proliferating costs & post-deployment failures.

How QVtrace exhaustively verifies model-based designs.

  • Logical analysis of model-based designs
  • Support for Simulink models
  • Auto-generation and export of input-vector counter-examples
  • Error visualization and reporting
  • Best-in-class formal verification

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From the initial written word of a stakeholder request to the detailed design implementation, QRA builds solutions for building the foundational stages of successful procurement and development projects. Get started by putting our tools to the test on your documents and system designs to see how much time and rework you could be saving.

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