More Than 50% of Project Defects Are Caused By
Poorly Written Requirements

QRA Helps Teams Write Exceptionally Clear Requirements

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A Problem Worth Solving

Emerging and evolving technologies introduce increased complexity and risk when building the machines of tomorrow. Currently, many safety-critical systems are being built using yesterday’s tools. 83% of product defects are introduced in the requirements and design phases. With the pace of innovation only increasing, mitigating the risks of these costly vulnerabilities before they come to fruition is essential to keep up with the curve.

QVscribe uses Natural Language Processing to proactively check for best practices identified by associations such as INCOSE and leading industry experts. By automating quality and consistency, QVscribe encourages engineers to be innovative, building complex systems with reduced risk of introducing errors in the later stages of development. Teams can standardize the way requirements are written, so the conversation can be elevated, focusing on what matters, the content.

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From the initial written word of a stakeholder request to the detailed design implementation, QRA builds solutions for building the foundational stages of successful procurement and development projects. Get started by putting our tools to the test on your documents to see how much time and rework you could be saving.

How We Help

QRA builds software that assists with writing better requirements, empowering teams to quickly build & procure the machines of tomorrow. Our mission is to help innovators like you to build complex systems faster and more confidently by identifying critical errors in the earliest stages – before they manifest into late-stage rework, cost-overruns, and recalls.

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