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Who We Are,
What We Do & How We Do It

We are a young and growing company with a driven team, consisting of uniquely experienced individuals with a great deal of cerebral diversity. We are solving a problem that is perpetually ill-defined and changing. That’s why we understand that the first problem is understanding the problem itself. We follow the general concept of intense curiosity: Understanding the ‘why’.

First-principles thinking: when facing a problem, we need to make sure to understand its root cause and context. We break it down into building blocks and then reassemble them in new ways.

A beginner mindset: a lack of attachment is the quickest way to learn new skills (and unlearn outdated ones) for better outcomes in the future.

We are motivated by the same goal – to create a tool that increases innovation and mitigates risks of costly vulnerabilities before they come to fruition. We focus on automating the most tedious part of writing and reviewing requirements so organizations can focus on what matters most – intent. We are fortunate to have found a solution to a problem most did not realize existed, which has resulted in growing our business. Through it all, we have become stronger, closer as a team, and we genuinely like each other and support one another to succeed – but there are a few Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

Jordan Kyriakidis, CEO & Co-Founder of QRA Corp
Jordan Kyriakidis, CEO & Co-Founder of QRA Corp

Jordan Kyriakidis, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

Jordan has nearly 20 years of experience leading diverse teams of driven and high-performance individuals, first as a scientist with numerous international publications and now as co-founder and CEO of QRA Corp.

QRA’s disruptive technologies are changing how companies and governments identify and mitigate risk in complex projects from the RFP stage onwards, especially projects involving introducing new technologies in regulated industries.

He has lived and worked in Europe, the US, and Canada. He holds a Ph.D., summa cum laude, in Quantum Theory from the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Alex McCallum, COO of QRA Corp
Alex McCallum, COO of QRA Corp

Alex McCallum


As QRA Corp’s COO, Alex guides the organization’s strategy and ensures execution excellence while leading the global business development team. Through his experiences, Alex has successfully brought operational knowledge and engaged with many startups in North America to help design and build their go-to-market strategies and their sales & business development processes.

He founded his own company, NextUp Labs, worked for such companies as Ortsbo and Thalmic Labs, and gained corporate knowledge from his previous roles at Blackberry and TD Bank Financial Group. He continuously strives to give back to the community by working with the University of Waterloo as a Mentor in their Velocity Incubator and by giving his time to serve and advance the interests of Co. Labs (Saskatchewan’s Technology Incubator), Venture for Canada programs, the Matrix Coding Program, and the Executive Leadership Forum. Alex graduated with a BA in Economics and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is an innovator and entrepreneur and passionate about technology and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Greg Redford, CFO of QRA Corp
Greg Redford, CFO of QRA Corp

Greg Redford


Greg is the CFO.

James Carr, Director of Sales at QRA Corp
James Carr, Director of Sales at QRA Corp

James Carr

Director of Sales

James is an accomplished sales professional with more than ten years of sales experience in B2C, B2B, and commercial project bidding. His background in theological studies and leadership influences James’ people-first approach to developing meaningful business relationships and building high-performing teams. The desire to see others succeed is a driving principle and the hallmark of his professional career.

James joined the QRA team in 2018 and quickly established himself as one of the top sales professionals on the team. With his natural curiosity, persistence, and creativity, he established a presence in innovative new markets for the company. His leadership was fundamental in revenues doubling year over year, plus the successful expansion of the sales team to continue his legacy of establishing QRA in new markets. As the Director of Sales, James is responsible for QRA’s sales operations and manages key accounts.

Kishore Majety, Director of Engineering at QRA Corp
Kishore Majety, Director of Engineering at QRA Corp

Kishore Majety

Director of Engineering

Kishore is responsible for developing and executing technology strategy for the products and IT infrastructure of QRA. He has a passion for empowering engineers to create and build next-generation solutions to deeply entrenched problems. Kishore holds a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from IIT (Kharagpur, India) and a Master of Science in Computational Engineering from Mississippi State University.

Kishore’s experience developing a multitude of video games on various platforms across four different countries and teams with more than ten nationalities has shaped his coaching and leadership approach – embracing a multidisciplinary strategy in creating innovative solutions. The diversity and intensity of Kishore’s career helped forge an open mindset toward understanding and clarity for high-performing teams.