Mastering the Requirements Review Process

A Comprehensive Guide & Checklist

Executive Summary

Requirements authoring is a tedious process. An inevitable effect of this complex and tedious work is the introduction of errors along the way. This is where the requirements review process comes in.

A requirements review is a structured process where anyone from key stakeholders to user groups and the project team walk through the requirements document line-by-line. They analyze the requirements looking for problems to ensure the requirements are complete, correct, clear, and represent an accurate and mutual understanding among all the stakeholders. Although simple, the requirements review is highly valuable.

The process is typically a manual one using automation, such as QVscribe from QRA Corp, both during initial authoring and the review can streamline the process significantly. For example, companies like RCAF used QVscribe to ensure requirements had at least a 4 out of 5 quality score before submitting them for review, reducing review time by over 50%.

QVscribe harnesses Natural Language Processing to proactively check for compliance with the best requirements analysis tactics identified by associations such as INCOSE and leading industry experts. Ensuring requirements have a high-quality score before beginning the review process ensures teams can focus on intent, rather than syntax.

In this guide, we will go over the steps in an effective requirements review process and provide a requirements review checklist that can be used for your next review.

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