Automating the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements

Executive Summary

The INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements is one of the most widely used and highly respected references in requirements engineering (RE). Systems engineers, engineering managers, and business analysts rely on this Guide to help ensure the systems their organizations produce or acquire are clearly and accurately specified.

The Guide for Writing Requirements (GFWR) perhaps provides the most comprehensive set of rules to help RE professionals write unambiguous requirements. Unfortunately, because the INCOSE rule set is so large – i.e. forty-one rules in the latest revision – accounting for all of the rules during authoring and manual review can prove cumbersome and tedious. Fortunately, checking for compliance with the majority of the GFWR’s rules can now be automated using new natural language processing (NLP) tools designed for requirements analysis.

This guide describes how compliance with much of the GFWR rule set can be automated with the industry’s leading NLP requirements analysis tool: QVscribe from QRA Corp. Our guide demonstrates how QVscribe can streamline requirement authoring and review processes, eliminate much of the tedium from those processes, and allow domain experts more time for tasks that require their expertise. 

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