Mastering Requirements: A Deep Dive into Automation and Accuracy (Part 1)

Morgan Kostal headshot

QRA Presenter

  • Morgan Kostal, Customer Success Manager


Our extensive analysis of over 12,000 requirements across multiple sectors revealed a new perspective on the barriers to project success. After distilling the data, we are excited to present our three-part webinar series, ReqInsights.

This webinar series will explore the collective data, highlight sector-specific nuances, and provide actionable strategies for an industry edge, all illustrated with real-world examples. The live sessions will feature interactive discussions that allow participants to uncover valuable opportunities for enhancing specific requirements processes. 

This webinar is an introduction to ReqInsights where we:

  • Dissect the most common problem types in requirements and their impact on project success.
  • Emend these issues using practical strategies, incorporating industry best practices, and setting configurations for writing and reviewing requirements effectively.
  • Explore tools, resources, and implementation methods that can consistently resolve requirement challenges with a focus on QVscribe.  

Watch our ReqInsights webinar series and find a data-driven solution to your requirement challenges.