Aerospace Requirements Guide and Checklist: 10 Essential Best Practices for Assuring Compliance with DO-178C

10 Essential Best Practices for Assuring Compliance with DO-178C

Executive Summary

Though Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification (DO-178C) focuses on the software development process, it has implications at the system level, as well. In particular, the software requirements process is directly impacted by the system requirements process, which dictates the high-level software requirements.

DO-178C has, in recent years, become the de facto standard for avionics software development. It creates a flexible development framework designed to lead to system certification by relevant authorities. DO-178C specifies software lifecycle process objectives, along with activities for meeting those objectives. It also provides guidance for tailoring process objectives and activities to the level of safety the software must provide and for collecting evidence to show the process objectives have been met.

This guide describes ten requirements engineering (RE) best practices aerospace organizations can apply to help ensure their avionic software complies with DO-178C. The accompanying checklist is meant to help those organizations embed these best practices; both within their RE process and in the minds of their engineers.

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