Mastering the Semiconductor Product Requirements Document: A Comprehensive Guide and Checklist

A Comprehensive Guide and Checklist

Executive Summary

The status quo of requirements specification in non-dedicated authoring tools is no longer an option due to the increased complexity and cost of post-silicon validation, increasingly stringent standards compliance, and specification quality issues due to reuse and best practice negligence.

The semiconductor product requirements document has become so complicated that requirements management is becoming more sophisticated. Engineers understand this and are enduring the increasing levels of complexity, but it gets harder and more challenging to keep the executive decision-makers informed, so they implement marketing strategies that make sense for growth and innovation.

Succeeding will not only involve an incredibly complex supply chain and a level of customer engagement yet to be realized but also proper planning and consideration for requirements engineering.

Fortunately, there are now requirements authoring tools that solve these issues by emphasizing authoring requirements right the first time by leveraging automated compliance, best practices, and consistency checks.

Use this guide and checklist to ensure your requirements are clear, concise, and compliant, and you’ll end up with a product requirements document that is a dream to work with.

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