QRA Corp Begins Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Project to Deliver a New Generation of Systems Verification Solutions

Halifax, Nova Scotia — December 15, 2015QRA Corp has initiated work to provide Lockheed Martin engineers with an advanced early-stage systems verification solution for the proactive development of increasingly complex cyber-physical designs.

This work brings together QRA Corp’s verification technology with Lockheed Martin’s large-scale system integration and design capabilities – enabling QRA to push QVTrace’s rigorous analysis capabilities well beyond the level of efficiency and effectiveness of any tool before it.

“All large-scale system integrations will eventually proactively use technology similar to QVTrace,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA Corp CEO and President. “Although QVTrace is already an incredibly powerful tool for engineers, this work will help ensure it remains on the bleeding edge of innovation by taxing it with some of the most complex and demanding systems in the world. It’s an exciting time.”

To achieve this goal, QRA will evolve and deliver its flagship system verification tool, QVTrace. QVTrace enables engineers to target and detect errors within complex systems throughout the development cycle. By proactively ensuring critical system designs always satisfy their requirements, QVTrace will help Lockheed Martin engineers avoid costly reworks and potential catastrophic deployment failures by eliminating errors at the early stages of design – increasing systems confidence, reducing costs, and accelerating time to market.