QRA Corp Celebrates Successful Partnerships worth over $6 Million with Lockheed Martin, Innovacorp and Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia — May 11, 2016 — QRA Corp, an emerging leader in systems and requirements engineering technology, is celebrating the commercialization of unique research that began as a theoretical quantum physics project at Dalhousie University. Representatives from QRA, Lockheed Martin, and Dalhousie University held an event at Dalhousie today to celebrate this significant milestone in the partnership.

The research project, supported by Lockheed Martin, quickly turned into a commercial breakthrough when physics professor, co-founder and current QRA Corp CEO Jordan Kyriakidis realized how his quantum physics algorithms could be applied to detecting errors and verifying complex engineered systems such as autonomous cars, smart homes and advanced aircraft.At this morning’s event, QRA announced over $6 million from projects with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, including a newly announced $2 million contract for Project QVscribe.

Project QVscribe is QRA Corp’s second major technology development alongside QVtrace, a systems verification tool already in use by engineering teams within the aerospace & defence industry. The tools being developed under Project QVscribe will assist engineers with authoring, editing, and verifying the consistency of natural language requirements, as well as translating these into formal specifications – allowing for integration and analysis with system design verification tools. Project QVscribe combines recent advances made in Natural Language Processing and machine learning with objective metrics developed by organizations such as NASA and IEEE to create tools for engineers handling requirements. The tools are being developed to work in conjunction with QVtrace, as well as alongside engineers’ existing tools and workflow.

“We are pleased to see that our Industrial and Regional Benefit into Dalhousie research has produced significant and tangible results,” said Charles Bouchard, Chief Executive Lockheed Martin Canada. “The commercialization of this research is an excellent example of how collaboration between academia, government and the private sector can transform ground-breaking research into technological advances in the aerospace industry and potentially other industries, creating the opportunity for lasting business growth in the Canadian economy.”

“QRA is an excellent example of how Dal researchers can turn innovative ideas into economic opportunity,” said Dalhousie President Richard Florizone. “It’s also proof of the power of industry and government partnerships to make an impact regionally, nationally, and internationally.”

“From a theoretical quantum physics project at Dalhousie University, to announcing major contracts with leading engineering innovators such as several of the world’s leading systems integration engineering firms – I’m incredibly proud of QRA and what we are celebrating at this event,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA Corp Co-Founder and CEO. “The future is looking bright as we’ve doubled annually for the past 3 years with this year looking like no exception, and we are happy to see an outstanding reception of our new publically available requirements analysis tool, QVscribe.”