QRA Corp CEO Nominated for the 2019 Manning Innovation Awards

QRA Corp developed QVscribe, a program which leverages natural language processing to check functional requirements for complex systems. This is a critical step at the start of the design process for all types of products which can prevent specifications errors from manifesting into catostrophic errors in later stages of development.

“We’ve experienced first-hand how the hardware-software boundary has become increasingly blurry, and the rise of machine learning and human-computer interaction is breathtaking” said Kyriakidis. “It is transforming the critical infrastructure in which we trust our lives. For new systems such as autonomous cars and commercial spacecraft to be deployed and accepted, we need to ensure that errors in the integrated design are caught during the earliest stages of development. These are early days, but that’s what we do. It’s why we exist.”

Being a nominee is a humbling and exciting feat. The selection committee chose between laureates from more than 25 industries across Canada. Selections were based on a number of criteria including: intellectual achievement, uniqueness and originality, and commercialization.

“It’s extremely validating to be recognized by an organization like the Manning Awards,” said Kyriakidis. “I discovered early in this venture that the way to success was through knowing the right questions to ask. That’s been the roadmap for our success at QRA Corp since day one; we’ve assembled an amazing team who are all motivated to ensure our innovation continues to break new ground and service as many industries as possible.”