QRA Corp Launches New Engineering Analysis Tool to Reduce Cost, Streamline Delivery of Complex Aerospace and Defense Systems

QVscribe Dashboard

Halifax, Nova Scotia— February 7, 2017—QRA Corp, an emerging leader in Design Verification technology, launched a new engineering tool today that can significantly reduce the cost and time required to build complex systems for the defense, aerospace, and automotive industries.

“Because of the subjectivity of language, often what’s clear to one person is misunderstood by another,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA Corp CEO and President. “As easy as Spell Check, QVscribe flags potential errors right in Microsoft® Word, allowing users to immediately fix ambiguities long before they cause problems. It’s a fast, seamless and easy-to-use solution that enables more people to contribute to the requirements process in far more productive ways.”

After a highly successful beta program, QVscribe is now available worldwide to customers looking to improve their ability to identify and repair costly vulnerabilities in their requirements documents – which if left untouched, could result in significant re-work in both the design & build phases.

Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), QVscribe turns syntactic weaknesses into strengths using a visual grading system. This enables virtually anyone to use the QVscribe analysis directly within familiar Microsoft Office® and Visure® authoring and requirements platforms to contribute to the consistency and quality that is paramount in an effective requirements program.

According to recent studies, more than half of all engineering errors originate in the requirements stage, and the cost of fixing those errors in systems and software increases exponentially over the project life cycle.