EARS in Action

How to Put EARS Into Practice and Hear About People Who Have

Wednesday, June 28th at 11 a.m. EDT

QRA Presenters

  • Sarvpreet Kaur, Principal Product Manager
  • Danielle Power, Customer Success Manager
  • Justin Tweed, Account Executive


This discussion focuses on using EARS to avoid high risk problems found in natural language requirements. You’ll gain valuable insights as we use EARS to guide you through the process of re-writing and reviewing high-risk and detailed requirements. We demonstrate how QVscribe’s additional features enhance requirement analysis, going beyond format compliance to provide a holistic approach.

Part of our discussion examines successful use cases from organizations that have encountered challenges with high-risk and complex requirements and adopted format compliance and templates such as EARS.

Take part in our EARS series as we equip you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies required to navigate the intricacy of requirements writing processes.

In this panel discussion, we walk you through:

  • How to use EARS to reduce major problems in Natural Language requirements
  • How to rewrite high-risk requirements using EARS
  • How to author more detailed requirements using EARS complex templates
  • How organizations are optimizing EARS syntax and conformance


  • Project authorities looking for efficiencies in project execution.
  • Requirements leaders establishing effective methods for enhancing their requirements processes and authoring.
  • Requirements authors advancing their skills in writing higher quality requirements.