Are Large Language Models (LLMs) a YAT (yet-another-tool), or Are We Witnessing the Beginning of a Strategic Inflection Point?

Moderator: Jordan Kyriakidis, CEO and Co-Founder, QRA Corp


  • Nate Fisher, Autonomy Flight Management Engineer
  • Barclay Brown, Associate Director of Research (AI), Collins Aerospace
  • Christopher Elliott, LM Fellow, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company


LLMs have captivated us as a potential game-changer for multiple industries, but they are not without unpredictabilities. 

So, how can we effectively evaluate the impact of LLMs in developing complex products with a strong systems engineering component? What advantages do they offer in terms of requirements gathering, and what are the potential impacts on downstream engineering activities and regulatory certification? And how can engineering firms best leverage LLM technology? Is it possible for LLMs to offer alternative perspectives that help identify previously overlooked verification paths, resulting in new vectors to consider?

As we explore these questions, we must also be mindful of the dangers beyond the apparent IP protection and security risks. Could there be a loss of human touch that might impact the quality of the final product? And what are the ethical and accountability concerns around relying on machines to do our writing for us?

Join us as we delve into the paradigm shift of LLMs, and explore the implications for the engineering industry.