Mastering Requirements: A Deep Dive into Automation and Accuracy (Part 2)

Morgan Kostal headshot

QRA Presenter

  • Morgan Kostal, Customer Success Manager


Requirements are often seen as necessary drudgery but the precursor to the more exciting aspects of development. 

But as projects become more complex and margins narrow, quality requirements are crucial for success, driving the need to merge innovation and data fluency to reshape requirement methods. The problem lies in knowing about the quality issues in requirements and successfully addressing these issues while adhering to stakeholder needs and rigid project constraints. 

Considering the varied sectors involved in the nearly 13,000 requirements we analyzed, an exploration of the potential gaps that serve as avenues for improvement becomes pertinent. There’s always potential for enhancing your current state, but before you proceed, it’s critical to understand what exactly that current state entails.

In the second part of our webinar series, we will:

  • Provide an overview of the key findings of the ReqInsights collective results
  • Understanding the different problem types and how they limit your project success
  • Discuss best practices and techniques for remediating common problem types (QVscribe focus)
  • Offer practical strategies to keep in mind when writing future requirements

Watch our ReqInsights webinar series and find a data-driven solution to your requirement challenges.