Empower Junior Engineers to Write Better Requirements

Photo of Director of Sales, James Carr, and Account Executive, Justin TweedModerator: James Carr, Director of Sales, QRA Corp

Presenter: Justin Tweed, Account Executive, QRA Corp

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Requirements writing is cumbersome even for the most experienced practitioners. Learning organizational rules, utilizing industry best practices, and guaranteeing correctness can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Increased complexity of product development and the constantly evolving environment introducing things like robotics and AI makes it continuously more difficult to describe the intent of the requirement in simple Natural Language.

Plus, the challenge with the current requirements workflows in many organizations is that the knowledge of requirements lives in the heads of subject matter experts and is not codified into databases to use as a resource. There is no process or tool to transfer requirements know-how from tacit to explicit.

As products and projects advance in intricacy, the required precision at the requirements stage must increase. If not, cost and schedule delays will only grow in severity and number. Like other stages of the product development process, tools are needed in this early stage to offset the cost of complexity without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar, we will walk you through:

  • The three biggest mistakes that we see in requirements writing
  • Industry best practices for writing requirements
  • How to leverage technology to write clear, consistent, verifiable requirements


  • Leaders looking for methods to augment employees’ abilities in requirements writing 
  • Engineers who want to review and refresh their requirements writing to improve their status quo
  • Junior Engineers who have little to no experience in writing requirements and looking for tools to aid their development