Every Project is a System

Applying Systems Thinking to Standards, Contracts, and RFPs

QRA Presenters

James Carr, Director of Sales

Kyle Veinotte, Account Executive

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Systems Thinking is a comprehensive method to address the complexity of projects. This thinking means every deliverable is an output of the systems, and each organization, person, and equipment piece is part of a system.

The foundation of Systems Thinking is clear requirements. 

Applied to complex projects, requirements best practices learned from systems engineering play a critical role. They ensure goals are clearly defined, details accounted for, and responsibilities are accurately understood.

Join our discussion on the increasing importance of clearly defined requirements at the industry, organization, and project levels.

In this webinar, we will walk you through:

  • Optimizing your next project by thinking of things as systems
  • How requirements influence the process and the outcome
  • The pivotal role that requirements play in systems thinking


  • Oil & Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Government Procurement