QRA Corp Launches Beta Version of Powerful New Engineering Quality Analysis Tool – QVscribe

Halifax, Nova Scotia — May 03, 2016 — QRA Corp, an emerging leader in systems and requirements engineering technology, announced today that its flagship requirements quality analysis tool, QVscribe, is now available worldwide as part of a public beta program via this link. QVscribe is an innovative new tool that enables engineers to easily analyze their requirements documents directly within Microsoft® Word – and quickly repair vulnerabilities to reduce stressful rework and increase development confidence.

“When developing new products, Engineers all share common frustrations when writing requirements. Since our early schooling, we are asked to be creative in our writing. Engineering on the other hand requires us to be precise, concise and unambiguous. It is a time consuming exercise,” said Claude Lemelin, Defence Engineer Consultant. “QVscribe shows a requirements document’s weaknesses, so they can be quickly corrected. It’s a simple tool for a complex problem that I think has the potential to be very helpful throughout the requirement engineering process.”

“Good requirements are a dream to work with, yet poorly written ambiguous requirements have become an epidemic,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA Corp CEO and President. “QVscribe is the fastest way to edit requirements documents – by turning syntactic weaknesses into strengths using a visual grading system powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).”

First launched in alpha mode in 2015, QVscribe has evolved to perform a very focused analysis – and is already helping engineers improve their requirements. For a limited time, engineers can join the free public beta via at the link above, and be part of the next generation of requirements engineering.