Mastering Requirements: A Deep Dive into Automation and Accuracy (Part 3)

Morgan Kostal headshot

QRA Presenter

  • Morgan Kostal, Customer Success Manager


In the final installment of our ReqInsights webinar series, we’ll delve deep into the unique challenges and critical mistakes prevalent in the automotive, medical devices, and oil & energy industries.

While the data we present is specific to these industries, it’s important to consider how these insights can apply to your organization, even if you’re not currently in these sectors. Common mistakes can arise due to various factors, such as the maturity of a sector’s requirements processes, the necessity to adhere to stringent regulations, and the vices that can emerge when authoring requirements.

Our goal is to provide actionable insights that inform and prompt reflection on your organization’s practices, regardless of your industry. We’ll share real-world examples and best practices to help you avoid common pitfalls and improve your requirements management processes.

In the third part of our webinar series, we:

  • Provide an overview of requirements engineering in automotive, medical devices, and oil & energy
  • Discuss common mistakes and their impact on project outcomes
  • Spotlight best practices for effective requirements processes
  • Share our lessons learned

Watch our ReqInsights webinar series and find a data-driven solution to your requirement challenges.