The Essential Requirements Documentation Tools Stack for 2020

Executive Summary

With increased complexity in requirements engineering processes, maintaining a competitive edge is crucial to staying ahead. Our team has researched what the industry has to offer in requirements documentation tools, from elicitation, authoring, management, and everything in between.

Beyond the basic considerations like cost, brand trust, and existing familiarity with products or software, it’s also important to consider what type of integration capability a given program offers. If most requirements engineering is taking place on a certain program, or with a particular piece of software, it is critical that it can integrate with the selected requirements management tool.

Further, some requirements management tools get particularly high marks for their customer service, training, and support — this is particularly important when existing familiarity with a system is low and encourages higher internal software adoption.

In this Guide, we will go through the history, differences in functionality, key capabilities, and need fit for Requirements Documentation Tools.

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